a small update

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Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say hi, and that I'm still around. I miss posting things, I'm at my Nana's house right now, and its late and I don't have much time to post anything. The internet people came to the apartment today and hopefully my daddy will make it work or something. Today was the first day in a very long time that it was actually nice enough to go outside. A few of my friends and I met up and went shopping downtown. We went into only three stores, but spent at least an hour in each one. First we went into Street Fair, which is a very hippy dippy store. They have amazing jewelry though. Next, we went into Urban Outfitters and I honestly tried on I think eight or nine different things. I ended up buying a jacket, which is a mint green color with shoulder pads. It was $48 dollars and I got it for $10! THen I went into Tops for shoes and bought a pair of sandals, they are so cute! I'm going to actually post a picture of this outfit. And tomorrow
night I'm going to an AJA dinner, so I'll show you what I wear to that as well. So, what is new with
you guys? I really want to know. Thank you all for following and reading my blog and for the lovely
Be back soon!

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Emilie Delance said...

Sounds like u had a lovely day :D U most show the new jacket <3