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No, I'm not moving my blog or anything. I'm moving apartments. Yes, its been a little over a year and we are downsizing from a huge penthouse, into a smaller loft type apartment. The new one is still pretty big, but not as big as the old one. Anyways, we've spend the whole day lifting, moving, packing, unpacking up and down flights and flights of stairs and we're still not 100% moved in. The reason I'm writing this is to tell you guys that I won't be posting things for a while..because we don't have internet at the new place yet. I'm currently sitting on the floor in the kitchen in the old place typing this up. So I just wanted to let you guys know in advance why I'm not posting/writing as much as I usually do. I'll be back next week I guess. Stay well!




Audrey Allure said...

Have fun moving! Come back to your blog soon :)

Michelle said...

hope all goes well! will miss you for the time being! :]