Today was a lovely day. My dad and i went out to lunch at a place that is located in the building we live in. It looked like its going to rain but we still sat outside and had a really nice time. After we pigged out on a huge burrito and nachos, we went to the used book(and wine)store that is across the street. I had never
been to that used book store before and it was really interesting seeing all the old books and looking
through, especially, the fashion ones.
All and all i had a lovely day with my daddy.
The dress that i'm wearing i got yesterday with my nana. Its from JCrew and the color really caught my eye.
The color reminds me of sherbet. The dress really reminds me of one of the dresses from the Lanvin
spring/summer 2010 collection.
The headband i'm wearing i also got yesterday at JCrew. It was only $5 so i was like why not.
I also got a new bag, its Michael Kors and my dad got it for me for doing so well in school.
I absolutely love it.
I'm going to be posting more outfits and not as many editorials(because i have a tumblr for that)
I've missed you guys so much! I can not wait to update more.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
JCrew Headband, JCrew Dress, Forever 21 Belt, Marc Jacobs Ring, Banana Republic Cuff, Kensie Girl Shoes
Michael Kors Bag


Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome back:-) such a pretty dress.... mmmmmm sherbet.... :-)

Michelle said...

it does look like sherbet!! so glad you're back!! and your lucky to have that bag- its gorgeous!

ARANXA. said...

hey girl! missed you :)
i love that color on you
pretty bag