he giveaway

fashion by he is honestly one of my favorite blogs. i read it whenever he posts new stuff and it always puts me in a better mood after i read it. now, i'm not just saying this because i want this amazing straightener, its the truth! he writes and posts good stuff. now, on to the giveaway. he has posted that he will
be giving away one of these babies. its the misikko hair iron, and it is gorgeous! its kind of like a chi, but better!
my mom is a hair stylist, and she said these are the best of the best, and i really really really want it. my hair needs it!
so if you're reading he...
okay, so come on people! go, enter, follow his blog too! you won't regret it!
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Nicole Jarecz said...

love that blog too!

Anonymous said...

great ;O) nice blog honey! I LIKE IT!!!!!

i follow you, i hope you follow me toooo??????

kiss ;*)