Its scary when you love fashion so much, you dream about it

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Last night, was just a normal night. I went to bed at the same time I usually do, I didn't eat before hand, and I was relaxed(for once). But I had a very interesting dream that I've been meaning to share all day. Last night I dreamt about the late Lee(Alexander)McQueen, who as we all know had passed just this past week. The dream was weird, and usually I don't remember dreams, but I did this one. It took place in a strange apartment, I guess it was supposed to be mine, but you know dreams they always change things around. So I don't remember the whole thing, but I do remember going shopping(which I guess was supposed to be downtown Asheville where I live). Well, I was in a vintage clothing store and I saw a leotard who's pattern looked very similar to McQueen's last runway show. You know, the
snake skin dresses we all died for this past fall. I recognized it of course, and I ran up to the
clerk and bought it. As I was buying it, I asked 'Is this piece vintage? Or is it designed after Alexander
McQueen.' The clerk said something like 'Oh! This is one of a kind, vintage and actually Mr. McQueen
himself came here last fall and took a ton of pictures of this piece and later designed a whole collection
about it.' In the store, I nearly freaked out because Alexander McQueen, the Alexander McQueen, had
been in this store, in my city and was inspired by something that is now mine!
I just thought that was one of the strangest dreams I've ever had, because it was about Alexander McQueen
and his last runway show, and it was just crazy! I woke up this morning and pretty much did a "What the hell?!"
It was a nice dream though. Its so crazy that he is gone from us. He was such an inspiration to all of us, fashion
lovers, artists, designers, models, everyone! He was an interesting man, even though I'd never ever ever met him,
or even been near his presence, I still loved his work..I really hope he is resting in peace somewhere, wherever that
somewhere is. Making gorgeous garments for angels and all of the other people who have passed.
I imagine him, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent sitting together, in fabulous outfits, just talking...
RIP Lee Alexander McQueen
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