I'm back! So today was a very unproductive day, I went to JCrew and returned a ski jacket my dad got me for Christmas because it was too small in the boobs. It was so weird because we get there and they have no winter anything! No long pants, no big jackets(and its only the first or second week of winter and it was 17°F so this winter is going to be brutal)so they gave me a gift card for $107 because thats how much the jacket was. And my Nana gave me a
$50giftcard to JCrew so now I have $157 to spend at JCrew and I have no clue what to get. I looked around the store for something and then I spent at least an hour looking online. They have a ton of stuff, but nothing I like and most of it is Spring clothes. I don't want to wear capri's in this kind of weather. Who knows, maybe I'll just save it and then when it starts getting warmer out I'll go on a huge shopping spree.
But if anyone has any ideas, please let me know it would be great.
I have a ton of pictures from everywhere and some from New Years and they will be coming in the morning my sweets, its 2:30am and I am so sleepy.
Have a good night darlings, and I'll post more in the morning.
Lots of love.

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afraid to die young said...

hope you have had a lovely new years and a happy new year! lovely blog by the way x