Holiday Season

So, I just got wind that there are 36 days until Christmas. I think its pretty hard to believe actually because I feel that school has just started. In less than a week is Thanksgiving, thank you god for that holiday, which is one of my favorite holiday's apart from Christmas. On Thanksgiving day, all I do is wake up at 8am, get a huge bowl of syrupy oatmeal, and watch the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That has been my little Thanksgiving tradition since I was five.
Around this time I get very excited and very shopper crazy, looking for things to buy my friends and family, looking for good deals so I'm not broke, making sure they'll like it...This year is going to have to be a little different. I'm home for the holidays for the first time in about four years. Typically we go on a 10/14 day cruise or, spend Christmas with my mom in Florida with her mom, and then go on a 7 day cruise with my dad for New Years. But this year, my mom is going down to Florida, again, to visit her mother for the holidays, so I will be spending Christmas at my dad's apartment which I'm actually really looking forward to. I'm going to raid my basement the first week of Christmas break and bring over all of mine and my brothers Disney ornaments and decorate the tree like we're seven again. We'll also spend New Years in good ol' downtown Asheville, which means I will be going to some pretty interesting New Years Eve parties with a few of my friends who are home for the holidays.
I know Christmas is more than a month away, but I'm already making Christmas wishlists on some of my favorite websites which I'll be sharing with you all soon. I'm also going to make a gift guide, and show you some Christmas items that should be on everyone's wishlist.
So for the next month, don't be naughty, definietly be nice.
Love to all.

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