Bare With Me

I haven't updated the little bloggie of mine in such a long time! I'm in summer tutoring, only two days a week though, I've been trying to keep up with that and reading. And I'm trying trying trying to earn some money;but every time I do earn some, the little shopper in me finds a vintage ring, or cute shoes or something and then bye-bye mulah. So getting back to the point, I'm at my Mom's house for the week and won't be able to update until Friday when I go to my dads(that's where i have all my pictures). So look forward to new pictures! And also, I'm going to be posting my daily outfits, hooray for that and also fashion/hair(because thats what my mommy does so i know the best tricks)and make up tips and DIY's. I've been working hard my sweets. So, remember, stay gorgeous and lovely and keep those imaginations rolling and I'll be back soon.
-hugs and kissies

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